Legislators and the future

While making law,  I believe it would be prudent for legislators to consider the possible impact on their grandkids.

The golden rule says to do unto others…   If a legislator makes law cognizant of the possible impact on their grandkids, and knowing that people are not perfect and do make mistakes, we will be much better off while making and enforcing law. Those much better off would include their and your grandchildren who might be the same individual. As a legislator, you and your constituents should be happier too.

It is important to also consider the motivation of the criminal. Is it a starving person stealing to eat or feed a family eg Jean Valjean 24601? Is it a young person making a mistake, or is it a first offense? Violent criminal activity is another matter,  but still compassion should be given to the victim and the miscreant. Can the miscreant be reformed, or must some kind of therapy combined with incarceration be applied?  Can the miscreant be made to make some kind of repayment to the victim and society.

I have been the victim of violent crime. The miscreants being new immigrants to our country were deported after serving their sentence.

Adam Selene October 2014

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