War on people not governments/organizations

With the change of the Art of War from targeting governments or even bad actors more and more people are becoming targets.

I started to think more about this today after reading about cluster bombs yesterday.  Seems that the US armed forces are dropping cluster bombs everywhere overseas. Wonder when a descendant of an American Government will drop them or something like them on an American City ?

Like mines, these devices are indiscriminate on whom they maim or kill .

Cluster Bomblet

Human Rights Watch on Cluster Bombs

Visiting the UN demining page – I like the subheading “Welcome to the United Nations. It’s your world.”   The page says that 15-20K people are killed most of them children annually.

Then there is follow the money – I wonder who manufactures these lovelies for the US?

Looks like Textron Systems is our local purveyor here in the USA.

Cluster bombs are a problem in Afghanistan and became a problem during the  Vietnam War in Laos also.

Where did morality go? God help us, please.

Adam Selene October 2014

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