Sensible Transit systems for Human Beings

The United States has done a great job building an infrastructure for autos and trucks but not so good at building an infrastructure for human beings.

Humans can use autos only between approximately the ages of 16 and  say 75 (for example, don’t denigrate me please). That’s also true only if they are reasonably able. My blind friends and others cannot make use of this infrastructure without relying on others.  The existing infrastructure also requires an economic outlay by the individual, discriminating against those who don’t have the economic wherewithal. Automobiles are expensive.

Rail and bicycle transit are generally much more efficient then automobiles.

Instead of superhighways, we need super transit systems that will transport lots of people quickly from place to place.  There are designs for systems that involve a wheel and radial spokes where no one is more then 10 minutes walking from the transit system.

We should be able to retrofit our cities with systems like this, thinking of the future and investing accordingly.  Disneyworld has examples of People movers and depending upon the climate some examples of monorails, light rail vehicle, or other people movers larger and smaller might be appropriate.

I had to drive to El Segundo, CA today to fill out a bit of paperwork and show my passport.  I spent 10 minutes in the office. It took me more then an hour to drive each way.  We certainly can do better.

I would hope our legislators would propose appropriate projects and fund them, thinking of the future and true justice for our future citizens.

On Rapid Transit

On Personal Rapid Transit

Peter Grace

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