Primary Education

Last night I briefly heard my youngests sons teacher and others respond to my question about why such large class sizes.

She appears to be concerned about teaching for the test and not recognizing that kids are different from each other and have different learning styles. I am concerned too.

Likely the best thing to do would be to reduce class sizes from the over 20 we have now to something like 12-14 students.

Let’s do the right thing for our students.

Remember the source for some of our founding fathers excellent thinking. Jean-Jacques Rousseau‘s – The Social Contract

Let’s not be so greedy educating our children properly. Remember, A Mind is a terrible thing to waste. It takes a good Elementary and Secondary education to get into a good college, and a good job to pay for it. Even more will be lost if we don’t know why we are free to enjoy our lives, liberties and pursue happiness.

Adam Selene

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