Works of Mercy

We are all human being and grandchildren.
I believe we should practice the works of mercy towards each other. That’s some of what my blog is about. Life is so short, we should do what we can for each other. We are all brothers and sisters. Talking with my fellow swimmers at the YMCA, we feel like we are still 10 years old sometimes.

We should try also practice the Golden Rule towards our grandchildren. We may not be around, but they will be. Please God, help them. May you work for enlightenment. It may make you less secure, but doing justice to each other will make us all happier.

The Greatest Virtue – Compassion

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Corporal Works of Mercy

  • To feed the hungry;
  • To give drink to the thirsty;
  • To clothe the naked;
  • To harbour the harbourless;
  • To visit the sick;
  • To ransom the captive;
  • To bury the dead.

Spiritual Works of Mercy

  • To instruct the ignorant;
  • To counsel the doubtful;
  • To admonish sinners;
  • To bear wrongs patiently;
  • To forgive offences willingly;
  • To comfort the afflicted;
  • To pray for the living and the dead.

God Bless America, please.

Adam Selene

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Works of Mercy by Adam Selene is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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have worked in Financial Services for over 15 years with extensive experience in Project Management, Systems Analysis, Compliance, Operations, Relationship Management, and System Management. I am an NRA Rifle and Pistol Instructor as well as an NRA Range Safety Officer. I am a high power rocketeer. I'm an Level 2 Certified in NAR and Tripoli I am also an Amateur Extra Radio Operator. I enjoy photography:

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