Philanthopy towards future generations

While we are here for a short time, and can certainly have a lot of fun with our assets, doesn’t it make better sense to be philanthropic to future generations then to put it up our nose and spend it at Las Vegas or on war?

We are human beings and life is very short. Our legislators seem to be only interested in getting reelected. This is wrong. They should be thinking of their legacy and of future generations.

Note – if it’s bad for the grandchildren, it’s bad for us. Corollary – if it’s good for the grandchildren, it’s good for us.

Flooding the USA with naturalized undocumented immigrants may help certain political parties with their aspirations, but it’s not good for our or their grandchildren.

Having  the existing or slightly modified immigration process work to provide new Americans to American business and industry as we have done in the past makes most sense and is fair.

Legislation might be better thought out and implemented if our legislators thought about it with the grandchildren in mind.

For instance, no one wants their grandchildren killed in unrest because they are unable to defend themselves. The 2nd amendment protects our God given right to keep and carry arms. Don’t our legislators believe in God and his gifts ? I do.

If you think about this and the future, you may realize that it’s in your and our interest to have the legislators legislate with the grandchildren in mind. We are all Grandchildren.  If you agree  in whole or part, please tell your legislators.

One way to implement this would be to require to have all bills to have an attached analysis e.g. Likely impact, worst case impact, best case impact and also a list of possible alternatives  to investigate or that have been investigated. Then perhaps a statement as to why the bill was chosen as the solution.

War isn’t in our grandchildren’s interest. Spending more on diplomacy might be a better investment for the future. Of course, if you have a vested conflict of interest, you might feel differently.

What is the most dangerous animal on the planet? If you do some thinking, you realize we both have an interest and an conflict. I’m thinking of the common good.

Sincerely yours,

Bernardo de la Paz

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