Meetings from Hell

Listening to NPR news item on Meetings from Hell. NPR And So we meet, again: Why The Workday is So Filled with Meetings. Parkingsons Law – meetings use the time allotted.

I’ve been in meetings from hell. I find it’s important to have an agenda and time allotted for each item to be discussed. It’s also important for each participant to know what they want to accomplish in the meeting and have time allocated within the meeting for the discussion.

Meetings are being used to defer responsibility. Very few people know how to run a good meeting.

I like Roberts Rules of Order. It’s certainly structured, but can be very useful when running a meeting with a large group of participants.

On a recent job, I participated on a webex meetings with colleagues. One of my colleagues tried to browbeat the other colleague into increasing the scope of the deliverable he was working on. This made the meeting run over more then 15 minutes. I excused myself as I had to take another call.
Can we please be considerate of each other and manage meetings so that they end on time and accomplish what the agenda says they must. Also – if a person isn’t needed, please make them optional in the invite.

Thank you,

Adam Selene

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