Human Transportation in the USA

As I listen to NPR this morning, I’m hearing Tom Ashbrook on On Point on topic for Funding the Improvements for Infrastructure improvements.

Everyone needs to get from here to there.  Automobiles are expensive.  A decent transportation system might consist of Heavy Rail, Light Rail, Subway, bicycle, walking and perhaps something like Zipcar and taxis. Of course, some provision should be made for private automobile ownership but no where near what we have now. Some people might need automobiles if they live out away from other people. Sure it feels like a need for freedom to be able to go anywhere whenever, but in truth, we spend most of our time at home or office and school. Getting from here to there and back also needs to be fast. Good engineering and outside of the box thinking can get this started.  If we encourage some University architecture and urban planning departments to work on this program, it might lead to much better infrastructure that might be less expensive to maintain and more people friendly.

Elon Musk has an excellent idea for a Maglev train.

Investments need to focus on the common good. If businesses need infrastructure – they should contribute. Trains are much more efficient then trucks. We are all people here. Can we make it better for future generations ?

Peter Grace

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