Interesting YMCA Adventure with thoughts on Community Policing

I went to our local YMCA today to swim in the pool with my youngest son.

I checked in at the desk and we changed into our swimsuits and went into the pool. I saw some of my friends there and enjoyed speaking with them as I worked out in the pool. Shortly after peace officers arrived at the YMCA. With the Associate Executive Director the peace officers approached the pool where I was exercising with my youngest. They desired to speak with me. I know better then to speak with police nowadays so I refused.

I do recall that it seems many of our police departments are becoming more and more militarized. There’s a lot of prestige in being a SWAT officer, which I think may be the source of desire for all the militarization. Also, many peace officers do have a military background. It’s a great career transition. I’m all for community policing where the people and police work together for the common good. I recall as a young person when another youth jumped on the roof of the Ford Pinto and held on while I drove home. Not good. However, police saw and turned rapidly and pulled in behind me. My mother came out and took charge. I was grounded for 4 weeks. She had taught some of them in school. That’s the way it should be. I believe that the most honor can be obtained by being a community police officer by either walking or riding a bicycle where you can be in touch with and build ties with the people. They will then gain the respect and cooperation of the people. This might be better then the us versus them model that presently exists.

I can picture a young police officer starting in the department, being assigned to community policing who walks and bicycles through the neighborhoods and business districts and meets and talks with the people. He marries, raises a family, does his job, watches as other people marry and raise families. May see kids he saw as newborns return with their brides and raise a family and finally retires himself, an honored and loved public servant.

Recently, police in my local community were directed to arrest some of our local homeless people.. There is a local service called PADS which seeks to provide services for the homeless people. The Local Samaritan Center provides services also. The mentally ill and poor should not be arrested for being ill or poor. The trespassing charge generally is used to take charge of a mentally ill or poor person who is just trying to exist in these difficult times. Note we are all temporal people. Those mentally ill or poor people could be us.

I finished exercising with my son and we proceeded to exit the pool and dried and changed in the locker room. Police arrived in the locker room and stood around while my son changed. We proceeded to leave the locker room and departed the YMCA.

The YMCA was founded in 1844 in London. I became acquainted with the YMCA as a youth in Hyde Park, MA where I learned swimming and got an introduction to carpentry.

I know that at its beginning in the USA in 1885, the YMCA and Scouting were linked. Since then, the YMCA and Scouting program have been drifting apart, partly due to Scouting’s gender and sexual preference differences. The YMCA serves all people. Scouting in the USA tends to focus on boys but does branch out with additional programs: Venturers and Learning for Life

I do hope people recall the history of what they are participating in. Hopefully we can then focus on the original missions as they have evolved rather then continue to snipe at each other.  We are all People made in God’s image. We don’t have kings anymore.

God Bless America, please.

Peter Grace

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