Travelling & Living in snow

While I sit here in Southern California, I’m going to write what I recall about travelling in snow/ice.

In Victorian Times within the USA, the people used horses and sleds to get around and to move goods in the Northeast and northern plains states.

With the advent of the automobile, people used studded snow tires and chains to get around.

People continue to use cross-country skis and snowshoes to get around in some communities. It’s not unusual to see families travelling via cross-country skis pulling a sled or sleigh loaded with small children.  For hilly or mountainous terrain, skins are attached to the bottom of the skis. Ski-Doo’s are also popular.

As people are kvetching about all the snow in the Northeast, they might want to think about readopting these skills and technologies to some extent.

Snow is affected to some extent by climate change. In 1816, the Summer almost never came.  Major snow events in the Northeast seem to happen approximately every decade.  I still remember the blizzard of 1978 in New England around Boston. Some people suffocated in their autos on Route 128, the ring road around Boston. Some people did ski mountaineering on Big Blue Hill. In the winter of 1996 I seemed to shovel every weekend after a 3 foot snowstorm. There was no place to put the snow. The last snow of that winter occurred on April  1, 1996 after the winter parking ban had been lifted. It took a week to clear the roads of snow. I got in really good upper body strength from that winter.

Notable Nor’easters including Blizzards
Notable Blizzards

In the 1960’s – children from families used to organize or be organized to shovel snow for their families and neighbors. Tradesmen with trucks and tractors were contracted to clear snow for businesses and families also.

While driving on snowy/icy roads, I recall that if starting to skid, it’s best to slow and drive into the skid until traction is regained. With the advent of Anti-lock breaking systems, that may not be as applicable.

Our memory seems very short.  I hope folks will recall and document their memories so we can learn from each other.

God Bless America, please.

Peter Grace

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