Growing up in my birth family (part 1)

The first memory I can recall from my birth family is when my brother Matthew and I were in the playroom and my parents came home with my newborn sister. I asked if she could come in and play with us.

I have a later memory of dancing on top of chairs in the playroom with my siblings to the Beatles “I want to Hold your Hand”

I also recall when my youngest sibling came home. I got home from school, I was in the first grade, and looked in on my newest brother Jerome, my fifth sibling. He became a Navy Seal and served in the First Gulf War.

Jerome K.S. Grace

Jerome in legacy diving suit
Jerome K.S. Grace

My nearest brother and I were 11 months apart. We shared a bedroom and used to play together. He later went on to become a tennis pro and lived in France for many years.

My sister was a kind of princess and occupied a bedroom with pink decorations. I recall she had a large doll house. We terrorized her.

Later my two youngest brothers came along. The experiences we had were rather different. I suspect that some of them are angry that my and my nearest brother’s experiences were perhaps a bit more opulent. Being born in the Kennedy administration and growing up in the Johnson administration and the Great Society, and living through automation of industry gave me a different experience then those of my siblings born later.

As it stands, I have two kids born in the 20th Century and one in the 21st Century. My grandparents were born at the end of the 19th Century.

The picture below was taken on the July 16, 1969 CE, the day that Apollo 11 launched.

Family on July 19,  1969
Family on July 19, 1969

Life is good.

God Bless America, please.

Peter Grace

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