Musicians I have met or experienced

Back in the 1960’s my first experience with popular music was with the Beatles. I listened to them on 45rpm records on a show and tell and danced to the music with my siblings.

I person, I attended later a concert by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention in Boston with Lilla Gardiner, daughter of Tenley Albright. I don’t remember much of the concert.

At a Clamshell Alliance event at Seabrook Nuclear Plant in 1979 I met Pete Seeger. Great show. I met him in the parking lot before the show.

In the 1970s in Boston I heard Harry Chapin at City Hall Plaza during the Kevin White administration. A good college friend was with him before Mr. Chapin had his fatal accident on the Long Island Expressway.

At the 1369 Jazz Club in Inman Square, Cambridge, I met Ella Fitzgerald one evening when she came for the open mike night. She was fabulous.

From September 6, 1980 CE plus I attended about 165 shows by the Grateful Dead, Bobby and the Midnights, and Jerry Garcia Band.  I never travelled more than 1000 miles to see them, but that was one hell of a weekend with shows in Buffalo NY and Washington DC.  I stopped seeing them so much after Jerry Garcia overdosed in Golden Gate Park. I did have tickets to see them in September 1995 CE, but Jerry Garcia passed on before the show.

I started to enjoy one of my local bands Fortunate Sun with Jeff Schein, Bruce Thomson, and Phil Greene in the clubs around  Boston. I became one of their top fans.

In Somerville Massachusetts, I sang in the Patronage of St. Joseph Choir for a number of years until I moved to Southern California. Josephine Lucreziano was our Choir Director.  Maureen Gaffney took over after a while as choir director. She also sang at our wedding. Josephine stayed on as Organist.

In Boston at First Night and also in Pennsylvania I was introduced to Woods Tea Company.

Now as a family man, I generally prefer listening to a variety of music. I still enjoy the English Opera of Gilbert and Sullivan.
My parents took me to see D’Oyly Carte Opera Company when they performed in Boston, MA.

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