Human Biological Justice

We are all temporal human beings. Everybody pees, Everybody poops. We have social conventions that it’s not okay to poop or pee in public. Generally we would prefer to use a lavatory.

As humans, sitting all the time isn’t good. We should do more walking. That’s what we are generally equipped for and should do. One child I know we’ll who spends most of his time sitting playing and working on the computer. He came down with a severe case of Pilonidal Cyst.

I enjoy walking.

While walking sometimes urgent biological needs arise. At Sequoia Park, Simi Valley there used to be lavatories. They were removed when the pool was removed. This is an injustice to us humans who do need to address our biological needs in dignity. It’s not just Sequoia Park. Everywhere in the USA where humans venture, it’s a public health and social need to establish some kind of facilities to address our biological needs in dignity and so as to not to pollute the environment. Even in places without infrastructure, a Clivus Multrum system could and should be installed.

While walking this weekend with my youngest son in Downtown Los Angeles, I could smell urine almost everywhere. Can we fix this please? There are plenty of engineering samples for urban as well as suburban public lavatories.

God Bless America

Peter Grace


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have worked in Financial Services for over 15 years with extensive experience in Project Management, Systems Analysis, Compliance, Operations, Relationship Management, and System Management. I am an NRA Rifle and Pistol Instructor as well as an NRA Range Safety Officer. I am a high power rocketeer. I'm an Level 2 Certified in NAR and Tripoli I am also an Amateur Extra Radio Operator. I enjoy photography:

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