Solar Panels vs Solar Shingles

I keep getting calls from companies wanting to sell me on Solar Panels. I like the idea at first, but am not interested in being indebted to a company who finances them. I also am not interested in the inconvenience of having to remove the Solar Panels  to replace the existing shingles.

While Solar Shingles may be less efficient then Solar Panels, I find that the benefit of not being indebted any more then I am already to be a boon.

Cost of Solar Shingles for my home: After incentives, I may be $10K out of pocket for Solar Shingles.

Cost of Solar Panels for my home may be about $37,000.00 and be financed. This can be an issue when selling a home.

With the amount of Sun we get here, I think it would be a good thing have our roof gathering solar without indebting my family to some bank or other finance company.

I wish the salespeople from Solar panel companies would stop wasting my time. They keep calling and, it’s getting a bit aggravating.

Peter Grace

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