Breakfast Time

Every weekday getting my children up for school or work is a challenge.

When I was young, I recall getting up and having breakfast at the breakfast table in my parents home.

Now when I prepare a breakfast for a child, they seem to be focused on their DS 3 handheld game system rather than eating their meal.

A lot has changed since I was young. When I was very young, we had an 18 inch black and white television set on a mantle. We later received a 24 inch color RCA television set.  I recall watching Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, F-Troop, Gunsmoke, Land of the Giants, UFO. When Star Trek (TOS) came on  I was hooked. We started eating our meals in the family room round the television eating TV Dinners

My daughter drinks a breakfast drink in the morning. She won’t eat any of the food I prepare for her.

My wife feeds most of our kids mac and cheese. Not good. I did make some lentils and brown rice. I’m the only one eating it. It’s a lot more healthy then mac and cheese.

I was at a education session yesterday on dealing with behavior issues. One thing that was said was that Family Dinner is important.  We seem to have lost that. I hope we can get it back.

Peter Grace

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