Cub Scout Day at the Oaks

The Oaks in Thousand Oaks, CA, a large outdoor commercial mall had a Cub Scout day on 4/12/2015


The Mall was nice and, it was wonderful to see lots of families there.

I  did notice that there was a severe lack of lavatories for the public. When I went to find one, it took a while to locate it. While it was large, the urinals were all out of order. Not good. I wonder who did the thinking on the design ?

Peter Grace

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have worked in Financial Services for over 15 years with extensive experience in Project Management, Systems Analysis, Compliance, Operations, Relationship Management, and System Management. I am an NRA Rifle and Pistol Instructor as well as an NRA Range Safety Officer. I am a high power rocketeer. I'm an Level 2 Certified in NAR and Tripoli I am also an Amateur Extra Radio Operator. I enjoy photography:

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