Amateur Radio For Youth

Amateur Radio is a technical hobby that’s of interest to the young and old.

Without Amateur Radio we would not have television, cellular phones, radar, and many other technical wonders of the 20th and 21st century. Amateur Radio operators are at the center of it all.  And it’s far from a dead technology. Just look up  PSK-31, WSJT-X, and the  All-Star Network.

Children as young as 5 and as old as 80 have earned an amateur radio license.

Information about obtaining an Amateur Radio license may be found on the Amateur Radio Relay League Website.

Opportunities for Public Service and Scholarships abound. To find out more, visit a local amateur radio club.

Here are some links to help get you started with a Technician License.

Exams are given locally by volunteer examiners. more info at ARRL.Org

No Nonsense Tech Study Guide

73 de AI6PG

Adam Selene

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