Botched IPAD plan in LAUSD

LA Schools seek refund from Apple and Pearson for botched IPAD plan and implementation.

Sad. I figured the  primary issue would have been electrical infrastructure, but they didn’t mention that. Lifely as Ipad’s don’t use much electricity. My local school district also got IPADs. My 9 yo son has one. I don’t know how that is going for them.

Curriculum was the major issues with lack of completely integrated curriculum and testing as well as not including multi lingual capabilities. There are lots of folks in the LA area that don’t speak English, at least initially.

I suspect that Tablet usage should begin in Middle School  or High School.


Peter Grace

Fun at Ventura County BSA Camporee 4/18/2015

Photos and story from the BSA Ventura County Camporee 4/18/2015

I’ve placed 314 photos on Flickr, not yet curated, and unlikely to do so.


I dropped off some materials for K2BSA/6 on Friday 4/17, and then Saturday 4/18 I arrived to help with station operation and to help educate any visitors.  I also walked around and took photographs of all the activity. I hope you enjoy them.

I did hear one contact that one of the Venturers made on 20m with Chile in South America.

It did get warm and, it was a bit of a dusty day.

My wife Joyce and my youngest son Niall attended and participated.

Great job by all the volunteer! Special Thank you to Ron Burns and Kudos to all for a fun time.

Peter Grace

Cub Scout Day at the Oaks

The Oaks in Thousand Oaks, CA, a large outdoor commercial mall had a Cub Scout day on 4/12/2015


The Mall was nice and, it was wonderful to see lots of families there.

I  did notice that there was a severe lack of lavatories for the public. When I went to find one, it took a while to locate it. While it was large, the urinals were all out of order. Not good. I wonder who did the thinking on the design ?

Peter Grace

On Good Friday

Rather funny,  strange. I did a Facebook post asking for a photo of one of us defending self in Times Square. A friend commented that it’s Easter/Pesach and for peace.

My response is that today is Good Friday which commemorates when we nailed Jesus to the cross, and Pesach recalls when God slew all the firstborn in Egypt except for those who had blood from a lamb on their door lintel.

Peace. Right.

Peter Grace

Cal Science Center

Enjoyed the California Science Center today with my youngest. The Hubble IMAX show was fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing the Aerotech SRBs in action. We were going to see the Dead Sea scrolls,  but Niall fell on the stairs and bumped his nose. He cried a lot. We went home. He went out from home and bought more Yugio cards.  Sigh.

Photos from the visit:



Peter Grace