Bicycling in Greater Boston

During and after college I got around mostly via bicycle. During college after moving from JQA dorm at Umass to Sunderland, MA, I   acquired a bicycle to commute from Sunderland to Umass in the summer. During the school year the 5 college bus system and Pioneer Valley bus system were adequate. I lost my bike one evening travelling home through Umass Amherst when I hit a grate, bending my bottom bracket and giving myself a severe case of road rash.

I next recall riding centuries in the greater Boston area. In some cases going off course about 30 miles. I had purchased a Univega Gran Turismo for touring rather that a standard road bike.
When I moved to Somerville MA I brought that cycle with me.

I joined the Boston Area Bicycle Coalition (BABC) now known as Massbike. At a event for a cycling conference held a MIT, I entered a raffle and won a Cannondale SM500.

I did have an automobile at times but after crashes or non-use I just used walking or cycling.

I rode my bicycle year round even in the snow.  I recall a instance when I rode to a choir gathering at my choir directors house and parked my bicycle on top of a snowbank and locked it to a street sign.

I enjoyed riding across Cambridge to Brookline to visit my girlfriend.  I took a lane as is permitted by Massachusetts version of the vehicle code.

I got to know John Allen while in BABC.

Once I was married, the cycling lifestyle took a rest.

Southern California is beautiful. I hope I can do more cycling.

Adam Selene    October 2014

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