Cocooning ourselves

As an American Dad, I can feel the  social cocoon around me. TV, people, the  home, the auto.

It’s somewhat pleasant, but I do fear for those of us on the outskirts.

I’ve written about Our American Body which is becoming more flabby.  I enjoy walking and enjoying nature and also

(by Petula Clark)

I wish Americans  would open their eyes and educate themselves and be more vigilant. Our politicians are in bed with major corporations which are working hard to enslave you with debt. We are wasting resources on War when it would be much more efficient to put resources on diplomacy and education.

People get raped and murdered and disappeared daily due to ‘public servants’ not doing their jobs but instead being predators on we the people.  People are turned into slaves by an industry called Human Trafficking.

I hope we can fix this quickly.

They work for us, don’t they ?

Peter Grace

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