Fun at the registry

Today the police came to tow my wifes auto as Farmers Insurance screwed up the registration. Rather funny and sad at the same time. Our nation is really screwed up.

Police preparing to have Joyce's Civic siezed

I wonder about the souls of these officers. Performing evil on other human beings. Not good karma.

New officer inspecting Joyce's Civic

Police watching Joyce's auto be prepared for seizure

Police preparing to seize Joyce's Civic

Now I am sitting in the DMV office next to some older and newer Americans who speak Spanish. It is interesting. One is 3 years old.  She is a handful. The mom didn’t bring any toys so I offered a registry manual. Too bad,  no crayons. I did ask my eldest to bring some crayons and crackers, but her Dad came first. Compassion is a human emotion. We are all humans.

Hope I can get this straightened out today.

Well it looks like it may not be straightened out today. If it’s not straightened out soon, we are concerned that the vehicle may be sold. I was there from 1330 PT to 1630 PT on 2/24/2014 CE.

Just spoke with CA DMV operator ZLDL who is escalating to her Manager Essel, but she said it may be 3 weeks till CA DMV even gets to the letter. Joyce is fuming.

It would have been more enlightened to ticket her vehicle on the street as a warning to get it off the street rather than seize it. That’s what I’ve seen in other communities.

Letter from Farmers Insurance received 2/25/2015
Letter from Farmers Insurance

2/25/2015 CE Santa Clarita, CA
Today I visited the local office of Assemblyman Scott Wilk. I met with Patsy Ayala (tel 661-286-1565). I explained the story to her and, she will be in touch with the DMV and Farmers Insurance. I hope to hear from her shortly.

2/25/2015 CE Email from Liz Munson @ Farmers Insurance:

I was able to reach a gentleman by the name of Manny at the DMV. He stated
that he would try to escalate the issue at the DMV if I sent over the
letter to him that I sent yesterday. I faxed the letter I provided to you
yesterday to him a few minutes ago to review and try to get your
information updated.

Liz Munson
Total Loss Supervisor
Farmers Insurance Exchange
877-826-2038 toll free fax

Some possible items for resolution:

‣ Auto provided in the interim for Joyce.
‣Swinks to be enjoined from selling or dismantling the automobile while this is being addressed.
‣Joyce’s Civic returned to our driveway.
‣Payment by us of the fees owed to properly register the Civic, ideally managed by a Farmers agent so we don’t need to spend more wasted hours at the DMV

‣Payment by: Farmers to Swinks towing to get the auto out of seizure.

‣Someone from Farmers get the 1 day moving permit from Simi PD, paying them, and get the vehicle from Swinks back to our driveway.

‣Someone from Farmers address the 2 tickets pending with Chatsworth District Court Ticket1:

    ‣Another ticket/ partial images as they confidential information – Joyce was trying to get these fixed when the vehicle was seized


‣Joyce also found a citation in CA Law – Vehicle Code 22650-22711 that the Simi PD may have been in violation of when they seized Joyce’s vehicle.

‣Received call back from Scott A Kudler, Esq. He’ll take a look at this on 2/26/2015 CE.

1120 PT 2/26/2015 CE Received call from Essel at CA DMV. Registration shall be fixed in 5 minutes.

1300 PT 2/26/2015 CE Received copy of Simi PD paperwork in US Mail

1330 PT 2/26/2015 CE Sent email to Elizabeth Munson at Farmers with info about a Courier Service ‘Dynamic Delivery’
if they do not have an agent available. Phone# of Dynamic Delivery is (818) 598-8700

1500 2/26/2015 PT CA At the DMV. Farmers would not provide an agent. I bill at $65/hr.

1700 PT 2/26/2015 PT  – Joyce now has her auto.

1600 PT 3/5/2015 PT – Joyce and Edwin went to Chatsworth Courthouse and paid the fines

Cost so far as of  3/5/2015

Swink Tow  $376.25
Simi PD  $77
Chatsworth Court Fees $50
My Time: 7 hours @$65/hr=$455
total as of 3/5/2015 $958.25

Letter to be mailed Certified and regular on 3/6/2015 via USPS

30 Day Demand Letter

Peter Grace
3476 Gary Ct
Simi Valley CA 93063

March 5, 2015

Brandon Cook
Total Loss Manager
Farmers Insurance
PO BOX 268994
Oklahoma City OK 73126-8994

Dear Mr. Cook –

This is a 30 Day demand letter to make me whole for the harm your company or agent at Farmers Insurance has done to me and my family. Your company incorrectly reported to the CA DMV that our plate KI6HUV had been salvaged when it had not. This required funds and time on our part to remedy and caused my wife grief.

To make us whole please remit $958.25 via check payable to Peter Grace

Our expense as of 3/5/2015

Swink Tow $376.25
Simi Valley PD $77
Chatsworth CA Court Fees $50
My Time: 7 hours @$65/hr=$455
total as of 3/5/2015 $958.25

Harm documented here:

I shall expect a response from you by April 2, 2015

Sincerely yours,

Peter Grace


Letters mailed on 3/6/2015

God Bless America, please
Peter Grace

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