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I keep seeing fat people including myself get out of their automobiles. Reminds me of the movie ‘Wall-e‘.

I love walkable communities.

Simi Valley where I reside with my family is marginally walkable, bikeable. California Bicycle Laws give right of way to bicycles and automobiles equally. Most people are not aware of this. Even in Massachusetts, I’ve been hit in the head by bottles thrown at me from automobiles.

Walking aka being a pedestrian is good for us. The reason roads were paved initially was for velocipedes aka old-time bicycles. Where I came from, Massachusetts, Bicycles and Motor vehicles had equal right to the roadway. If a motor vehicle was stuck behind a bicycle, then it must pass safely. It seems that California encourages bicycle riders to hang out in the door and glass zone which isn’t good.

As humans, we are generally engineered by God for walking. Sitting all the time in automobiles, couches, barcalounger etc isn’t good for us.

I write this while I watch the movie “In Harms Way” on Netflix, but I’m going out for a walk shortly.

Peter Grace

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Heathcare and Financial Services

Just came back from an aborted appointment with my physician.

The office wanted me to sign a form making me financially responsible for the work they do. I’d much rather the insurance company we pay tons of money to take the financial responsibility. I wouldn’t sign it so they wouldn’t see me.

I checked with my wife and will now try to see her physician. However, their form seems to have similar language which I crossed out. I won’t agree to it.

Seems our healthcare system is somewhat broken. Most of us don’t need extraordinary healthcare but our healthcare industry keep investing in new and expensive healthcare. I agree it’s important for the young and breadwinners but for those of us who are older and becoming outside of our key productive years, does it make a lot of sense ? I think not.  While I do enjoy life, prolonging it too long becomes a burden on society.

God Bless America, please

Peter Grace

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