On Your American Body

It’s rather interesting, at least in ethnography, to see American people borrowing some cultural norms from other cultures.

I’ve been seeing some body modifications in younger Americans, some of which are to cover damage done to their bodies e.g. from a car wreck or disease e.g. cancer. Mostly I’ve been seeing tattooing and piercing going on with young people. I have even seen some young males with their earlobes widened.

It seems that now most  Americans spend their time sitting most of the time. Again, as I previously said, that reminds me of ‘Wall-E’ such as in this image.

A lot of  people are into exercise. My preferred forms of exercise are walking, swimming, and cycling.  I too used to ride in centuries. My wife is mostly sedentary, She did start to remind me of the  people in Wall-E, but has been losing weight. My kids are mostly sedentary too. I hope it’s not too late for them to at least get into some kind of activity rather then turn into marshmallows.  I heard on NPR that a lot of people join Gyms, then lie about how often they go. 24 Hour fitness uses that fact. If all the people who joined actually went regularly, it would burst at the seams.

I am doing a lot of walking now pending reemployment. If Aliens visited from outside our plant,  they would think that  the dominant life-form on the North American continent were Borg four wheeled automatons.  I would like to see more  people cycling  but here in So Cal, some commutes aren’t really cycle-able in a reasonable amount of time. Some trains and buses do sport racks, but a commute by bus or train can take 3 hours.  I would  really like to work in downtown Los Angeles near Flower Street again. I could take the train there and write and read on the ride.

Besides regular low impact exercise, a good diet is key. The Food network has good info.

I had some edamane beans tonight.  Yummo.

God Bless America, please.

Peter Grace

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