On Western Wages and lifestyle

I live in the United States. The United States has seen a lot of change.  The standard of living has been gradually rising up through 1965.

Up until 1941, the United States was largely agricultural with strong industrial centers in the Northeast. Then things started to change more rapidly with the onset of World War 2. Women went into the workforce.

At present since about 2012 and slowly improving, the civilian population employed has been much lower. Most jobs seem to  be in the service sector. I’m a knowledge worker. I’m trying to put as much into my blogs as I can while I have the time.

My father bought his house in 1961 for about $34K. I purchased by first house for about $219K. Our present house we purchased for $500K. Of course, the location and  the relative closeness of good schools makes a big difference.

Depending upon what your standard of living are, your financial needs may differ. We now have electricity service so we pay for that. We have city water and sewage so we pay for that. We pay for cell phone and cable internet service. We also have gas heat which we use rarely. We do have Air conditioning which adds to the electric bill. Most of these services our ancestors didn’t have so our cost of living has risen.  Our first home did have electricity and a toilet but there was evidence of the electric service being upgraded in 1970 and there was an area where an outhouse formerly stood. We added some more electric service in our first home to put in an Air Conditioner after enduring sleeping in 120F 100% humidity.

On our appliances, we do have a refrigerator – back when my Mother was  little they used ice from ice-houses.

We also have a microwave oven, a stove and range, and a dishwasher and  clothes dryer.

All but the stove and range are recent innovations.

I’m unemployed presently but still have existing expenses. We cut television feeds and now use streaming video. We use vonage. We have more technology then we did in the 1960’s at home which has increased our cost of living.

Sigh. Hoping to be working shortly.

Peter Grace

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Human expansion

If you know your old testament, you know that God gave us three commands. 1) Name everything 2) Be fruitful and multiple, 3) Don’t eat of the tree.

We are doing very well on 1&2 but failed 3. Two out of three, not bad 😉  Thank you JPLNASA and all scientists everywhere and everywhen.  What we should be doing now is furthering our expansion into the universe. Our world here, Terra, may be at risk.

Besides global warming, there are additional risks we may not have any control over. These risks include:

Yellowstone Caldera. If this caldera explodes it is likely to produce a new ice age which will kill off a significant portion of life on this planet.

Major strike from the oort cloud and beyond. A large object traveling at +/- 20km m/s is something that killed off the dinosaurs. Such an event could do the same to us.

Gamma ray burst. An astronomical event which if occurred in our galactic neighborhood could kill most if not all life on our planet.

The risks run from remote to near certainty. We just don’t know when.

We need to start now to spread out into the universe to both learn and disseminate knowledge and to reduce the risk of a major catastrophe for our species.

Remind your politicians to focus on things that are important. Honor their oath of office and get down to business fixing the damage they have done and building for the future.

Let freedom ring.  God Bless America.

Adam Selene October 2014

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War vs Diplomacy

It seems that our country’s leadership is getting us into another war.

I learned, likely from reading  Robert Heinlein, that War is a last resort after diplomacy fails.  How many young people have we lost to war on either side ?

My baby brother came down with ALS a few years after returning from Gulf War 1 and died 9 months later.  There’s a correlation between War and increased incidence of ALS. That’s in addition to the homelessness, alcoholism, PTSD, and difficulty readjusting to life away from the war zone.  There’s a long history of PTSD, particularly since WW2.  My family has members who fought in wars for our country since the Revolutionary War. I’m not a pacifist, but I hate the waste of resources we have been engaged in.

What’s the fully loaded cost of war to our nation ? Of course, many of military industrial complex do make money but, what could we do with that money if we didn’t spend it on war ?

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. (Mathew 5:9)

I postulate that if we spent 1/25th of the fully loaded cost of war on diplomacy, we’d have much more peace and less war.  Of course, there’s also a correlation with war and technological advancement but does war increase technological advancement or does technological advancement change the methods of war? Alex Roland wrote some on War and Technology and it makes me think that technological change changes the methods of war rather than encouraging technological innovation.

As I write this, the cost of wars we have been engaged in since 2001 is over $1.5 Trillion US.  National Priorities is keeping a running tab.  I believe that some of the money would have been better spent on diplomacy and on getting our species to other planets like Mars. Possibly we could look into the colonization of Ganymede.  I really enjoyed Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars series.

With the increase in Carbon in our atmosphere and other greenhouse gases, the cost to maintain human life may become untenable.  It’s time we worked to spread out into the universe.

Adam Selene
September 2014

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