Botched IPAD plan in LAUSD

LA Schools seek refund from Apple and Pearson for botched IPAD plan and implementation.

Sad. I figured the  primary issue would have been electrical infrastructure, but they didn’t mention that. Lifely as Ipad’s don’t use much electricity. My local school district also got IPADs. My 9 yo son has one. I don’t know how that is going for them.

Curriculum was the major issues with lack of completely integrated curriculum and testing as well as not including multi lingual capabilities. There are lots of folks in the LA area that don’t speak English, at least initially.

I suspect that Tablet usage should begin in Middle School  or High School.


Peter Grace


On Ignorance

My wife gets upset with me for using the word ‘Ignorance’ or ‘Ignorant’.
She says it upsets people. Well ‘good’ I say.

I have no problem is pointing out I’m ignorant of many things. Ignorance is not a denigration in itself. To me and most, it is a curable illness. Ignorance can be addressed via Education

From ignorance (noun) noun ig·no·rance \ˈig-n(ə-)rən(t)s\: lack of knowledge, education, or awareness

I’m not a plumber or mechanic or physician. There is One who is all knowing. I’m not him. I’m just a concerned American. I did have a good education and am thankful. I’m sharing what I know.

God Bless America, please.

Peter Grace

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I was just looking at MIT OpenCourseware on the Design of Electromechanical Robotic Systems. I love expanding my mind.

I heard a program on NPR today talking about online universities. That may be a good thing as long as people still have the opportunity to interact and discuss the material. I learn best by teaching the material.

I also have checked out Kahn Academy. Most of the material is too elementary for me but would be good for K-12 people.

There’s also Ed-X which seems to be both real-time and online.

I love education. I just learned that Cal State Northridge offers some adult education courses in the Tseng College. I had and took the opportunity to study at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst Massachusetts USA Terra where I took a B.S. in Biochemistry as well as at Boston University, Boston MA; Harvard University, Cambridge MA; UCLA Extension and Massachusetts Institution of Technology, Cambridge MA.

God Bless the Human Race, please.

Peter Grace

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Progressive Ideas

As Americans we have rights and aspirations. We are born and seek to grow up to become a contributing member of society. Education is required. A good job is subsequently required that both challenges the person, provides for personal growth and adds value to society. A job that does not challenge or lead to personal growth leads to dissatisfaction and turnover.

Our primary and secondary education is provided by our society due to ideas introduced via Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the Social Contract and his Discourse on Inequality. Other authors who contributed to these ideas  include Adam SmithThomas HobbesJohn Locke, Immanuel Kant, and Francis Bacon. Jean-Baptiste Say offered his A Treatise on Political Economy 

Generally it seems that nowadays a tertiary level of education is required for Americans to be productive members of society and the Middle Class. That may be trade school or a College education. We should make these available to our citizens as a regular course of society. Perhaps via testing, personality assessment and continuing education.

As for bringing along the rest of the world with us, particularly those folks that are impoverished or being indoctrinated into radical ideologies, we might want to work on diplomacy and education at the same time. One Laptop per Child combined with a disc holding the Kahn Academy syllabus dropped via drone or provided via the Peace Corp into areas where we wish to influence the people. That combined with food, clean water, seeds, tools and perhaps building materials might be a good way to move away from war as a way of life to progressivism. I also really see a lot of potential in the Freight Farm.

As Humans, we were created by God,

As a species our goal is to get to Milliways, the One and Only Restaurant at the End of the Universe 😉 With some fortune and good thinking our distant offspring may make it.

As animals with a Soul, our goal is to make it to Heaven. Your opinion may differ. Good fortune with that.

May God Bless America, Please.

Peter Grace

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STEM for Youth and Thank you to my teachers

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math or STEM is where it’s at right now. I do believe in the value of a good liberal arts education but even more so combined with a STEM major.

I think it’s important to know both the intellectual and historical beginnings of our Nation.

History, language, art and Technical subjects are part and parcel of a good Liberal arts education. Of course content has changed over time. Used to be that a good liberal arts education de regur included Latin and Greek.

As a youth my education was largely Latin with a smattering of French. Thank you Mr. Earle and Ms. Noble.

Thank you Mr. Elliott for the introduction to Chemistry and to Mr. Burleigh for the Introduction to Computers with the PDP 8/L and the PDP 11/03

Thank you to:

General Sylvanus Thayer, Founder of West Point and Thayer Academy

Violet Cardarelli, Principal, Thayerlands

Coach Richard Sawyer, Thayer Academy

Joan Aicardi, 6th Grade, Thayerlands

Peter J. Benelli, Headmaster, Thayer Academy

William Elliott, Chemistry, Thayer Academy

Arthur Valicenti, Thayer Academy

Elizabeth Bailey, English, Thayer Academy

Grace Bernan, English, Thayer Academy

Peter Burleigh, Biology, Thayer Academy

William Cowperthwaite, Math, Thayer Academy

Rodney Barker, History, Thayer Academy

Marshall Litchfield, Biology, Thayer Academy

Reverend Frederick Nagle, Thayerlands

Peter Neely, Thayer Academy

Patricia Haseltine, Modern European History, Thayer Academy.

Ferdand La Chance, Physics, Thayer Academy

Neale McGoldrick, History, Thayer Academy

Lillian Wentworth,  Librarian, Thayer Academy

James Pendleton, Thayer, Retired 1976

George M. Butler, Music, Thayer Academy & Thayerlands

Hilda Donner, Typing, Thayer Academy

Henry Arthur Lea, Professor of Deutsch, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts Terra
Professor Lea had been a translator at the Nuremberg Trials.

I should also not forget to mention from the MIT High School Studies Program:

And from NESFA

Thank you to Michael A Burstein and Nomi S. Burstein who have a blog ‘The Brookline Parent’ and have two wonderful daughters.

I’m certain I’m leaving out some very important teachers from my youth. I hope to correct this down the road.

I’d also like to thank my friends, especially Ted Jackson and William Sawyer and Barbara Meek.

Adam Selene October 2014

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