A hope for the future

I enjoy reading, teaching and enjoy synthesizing what I read into ideas or taking them whole cloth if they are very good, giving credit if possible.

I met Iain Banks in I believe it was Liverpool at a convention. Mr. Banks wrote in The Culture universe. There’s a great writeup on the Culture Universe in Wikipedia.

I am a temporal Human. I am here now but will be gone in within likely the next 20 years. That’s fine with me. I just want to make a difference. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

I would love to see Americans and other humans making more of an effort to develop AI and other robotic technology to help other people. We could start with Robots to build housing and lay infrastructure. Of course, I won’t want to demean the work that my fellow humans do, but if it’s rolled out slowly over 30-40 years I’d like to see a post-scarcity culture. There’s a shortage of affordable housing, and I would like that to be eliminated. I’m not talking a handout, I’m talking a hand-up or helping hand.

There’s plenty fun things to do if you aren’t working all the time to make money for your enterprise and to support your family. And there is also plenty of work to do, perhaps as a volunteer.

Eventually, I could see us terraforming Mars, thanks Kim Stanley Robinson, and then perhaps building more shelter and developing resources elsewhere in the Solar System.

We are humans, and to the young all things seem possible are possible.

God Bless America, please.
Adam Selene
January 2015

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For our grandchildren’s sake

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Please keep your mind open. Don’t let history repeat itself.  Please help make a better nation for our grandchildren.
Adam Selene Nov 2014

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Human expansion

If you know your old testament, you know that God gave us three commands. 1) Name everything 2) Be fruitful and multiple, 3) Don’t eat of the tree.

We are doing very well on 1&2 but failed 3. Two out of three, not bad 😉  Thank you JPLNASA and all scientists everywhere and everywhen.  What we should be doing now is furthering our expansion into the universe. Our world here, Terra, may be at risk.

Besides global warming, there are additional risks we may not have any control over. These risks include:

Yellowstone Caldera. If this caldera explodes it is likely to produce a new ice age which will kill off a significant portion of life on this planet.

Major strike from the oort cloud and beyond. A large object traveling at +/- 20km m/s is something that killed off the dinosaurs. Such an event could do the same to us.

Gamma ray burst. An astronomical event which if occurred in our galactic neighborhood could kill most if not all life on our planet.

The risks run from remote to near certainty. We just don’t know when.

We need to start now to spread out into the universe to both learn and disseminate knowledge and to reduce the risk of a major catastrophe for our species.

Remind your politicians to focus on things that are important. Honor their oath of office and get down to business fixing the damage they have done and building for the future.

Let freedom ring.  God Bless America.

Adam Selene October 2014

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