Heathcare and Financial Services

Just came back from an aborted appointment with my physician.

The office wanted me to sign a form making me financially responsible for the work they do. I’d much rather the insurance company we pay tons of money to take the financial responsibility. I wouldn’t sign it so they wouldn’t see me.

I checked with my wife and will now try to see her physician. However, their form seems to have similar language which I crossed out. I won’t agree to it.

Seems our healthcare system is somewhat broken. Most of us don’t need extraordinary healthcare but our healthcare industry keep investing in new and expensive healthcare. I agree it’s important for the young and breadwinners but for those of us who are older and becoming outside of our key productive years, does it make a lot of sense ? I think not.  While I do enjoy life, prolonging it too long becomes a burden on society.

God Bless America, please

Peter Grace

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Lots of people are complaining about Obama Care and the associated cost and long term affordability in the accounting.

Certainly national healthcare is expensive, but we are paying for it.

Instead of paying hospitals for lots of very expensive emergency room visits, we are paying for healthcare for all. It’s more economical over all in the long term.

Certainly there will be some changes and change is always stressful.

Some more changes I think that are due, and that are happening is that medical care should be adjudicated. The greatest good for the greatest number.

Young people should take priority. The old and infirm with no responsibilities should receive palliative care. Good palliative care, but organ transplants and other very expensive treatment should be prioritized.  We are all going to go someday. Best be ready anytime.

I agree with Ezekiel J Emanual —- I hope to die by 75.

I don’t plan to facilitate that actively, but having seen my parents decline with various disabilities and the very stressful end, I’m all for hospice care.  And of course, care must be monitored to prevent abuse or other bad behaviors.

Of course we all love our ancestors, but isn’t it better to remember them from their peak rather then from the depredations of age ?

Based on Natural Law, a old sick hominid would become food for carnivores and eventually small insects and bacteria. Now we have lawyers, doctors and bill collectors. I don’t see much of a difference.

Adam Selene            Nov 2014

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