Photography at Back to School Night

On September 17, 2014 I was at Santa Susana High School  where my daughter goes to school for Back to School Night.

Art teacher
Art teacher

As an amateur photographer I brought my Canon T1i with the 40mm lens to take photos.  I took photos of students, teachers and skateboarders.  I need to remember to bring a tripod for outdoor evening shots.

While walking to meet with another teacher, a man approached me and asked to talk with me. He showed me a police badge and said some folks had commented about a weird man with a camera.  I told him ‘I don’t talk to police’. I walked away. He tried to take a picture of me with an iPhone. My wife stayed to talk with him.  I told her to not talk to police. She says she was taught growing up to always talk nicely to police.  We are turning into a police state.  She told me when asked that the officer asked if I was on the ‘sexual predator list’

I’ll probably write more here when I feel like it. People are paranoid nowadays.   Seems very strange.

Adam Selene

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