Fun at Ventura County BSA Camporee 4/18/2015

Photos and story from the BSA Ventura County Camporee 4/18/2015

I’ve placed 314 photos on Flickr, not yet curated, and unlikely to do so.


I dropped off some materials for K2BSA/6 on Friday 4/17, and then Saturday 4/18 I arrived to help with station operation and to help educate any visitors.  I also walked around and took photographs of all the activity. I hope you enjoy them.

I did hear one contact that one of the Venturers made on 20m with Chile in South America.

It did get warm and, it was a bit of a dusty day.

My wife Joyce and my youngest son Niall attended and participated.

Great job by all the volunteer! Special Thank you to Ron Burns and Kudos to all for a fun time.

Peter Grace

Back from Parent Cub Camp

Just got back from Parent Cup Camp at Camp Josepho with my youngest.

We had a terrific time. Wonderful people with beautiful souls.

Upcoming Events

Highlights for Cub Families

March 27-29, 2015 & October 23-25, 2015 Cub Family Weekends at Camp Emerald Bay
Cabin Campers$215/pp, Tent Campers $185/pp, Private Cabin $1580/sleeps up to 8.

2015 Cub Parent Family Weekend @ Camp Whitsett  8/14-8/16/2015  $60 Per person  818-933-0130

For Boy Scouts:
Camp Josepho Shooting Sports Camp
June 28-July 2, 2015
$225/Camper, $150/Adult Shooter, $70/Adult Non-shooter , $25 discount per camper registration prior to March 31, 2015|  818-933-0130

Camp Josepho’s First Year Boy Scout Resident Camp  $240/scout, $70/Adult
Session 1: 7/9-7/12, 2015
Session 2: 7/16-19, 2015
Register before 4/1 and get discount of $15/Scout. 818-933-0130

Camp Josepho’s Boy Scout Robotics, Programming, & Game Design Experience
Camp  $240/scout, $70/Adult
Session 1: 7/9-7/12, 2015
Session 2: 7/16-19, 2015
Register before 4/1 and get discount of $15/Scout. 818-933-0130

Cold Weather Activities

I obtained my cold weather activities experience with the Appalachian Mountain Club, Boston Chapter.  We mostly did cold weather mountaineering in New Hampshire’s White Mountains including, cross country skiing, hiking, snowshoeing and camping.

The AMC Boston chapter ran classes on winter activities starting in early autumn, and with a culminating session on Cold Weather injuries with Dr. Murray Hamlet of the US Army Natick Labs.

The US Northwest organization The Mountaineers publishes educational material.  The ADK Winter school run programs in the Northeast.  Fine reference books are Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, by The Mountaineers  and Don’t Die on the Mountain, Dan Allen, 1998.

ID and Treat Cold Weather Injuries

Images associated with Cold Weather Injuries

Best to start hiking in the summer and into autumn to build up stamina for winter activities.

I also recommend Wilderness First Aid.  Wilderness  First aid is for when a group is an hour or more away from definitive medical care.

Key points:

  • Dress in layers
  • No cotton as cotton holds moisture.
  • Drink lots of water and keep drinking.

In winter weather in New Hampshire, it’s best to be able to cover all exposed flesh with a wicking layer e.g. polypro or silk, followed by a insulation layer such as wool or polyester fleece. This includes the face and hands.  When doing strenuous activities, you may wish to remove the insulation layer but be prepared to redon the insulation when you stop.

My typical winter dress was:


  • Pile or wool hat or balaclava
  • Deer skin face mask
  • Polypro long underwear top
  • Pile insulation jacket
  • Gore-tex jacket


  • polypro inner gloves
  • polypro inner gloves
  • Wool or pile outer mitten
  • Nylon or gore-tex overmit
  • Eyes – wear plastic framed sunglasses to avoid snow blindness and bring ski goggles in case of active snow.


  • Polypro long underwear bottom
  • nylon shorts
  • silk inner sock
  • wool outer sock


Appropriate winter footwear e.g. Winter boots with winter gaters.

More on Keeping Warm in the winter


Never go alone.

Always go with experienced people.

Keep an eye on urine color – dark urine means trouble e.g. dehydration

When snowshoeing, trade off the front frequently.

Keep an eye on each others mental state. Hypothermia can sneak up and be deadly.

Bring a sleeping bags and tent in case of emergency.

Drink plenty of water.   You can’t drink too  much in the winter as the air dehydrates everyone.


Bring headlamps that function well in cold weather. If you are walking out after dark, headlamps can be a lifesaver. Lithium battery or Nickel metal hydride (NIMH) batteries work well if the headlamp is designed to use them.

Adam Selene   November 2014

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OA W4N Conclave

I went to the Order of the Arrow Conclave on September 20,2014 for W4N  at Camp Pollock, Forest Lawn Scout Reservation, Lake Arrowhead. I went to help with the rifle range from 1400-1600.

Order of the Arrow Regalia

It was great to be there. I love being a scouter.I met the folks helping with the shooting sports.

Unfortunately: 1) there were multiple events scheduled from 1400-1600.

2)  we didn’t get any scouts that had parental permission slips so we had no scouts able to shoot.  Three adults did some shooting.

Hopefully we can do a better job planning next time.

Notes for Planning:

Before event: Make sure permission forms go home to the scout participants and are downloadable from the event website

At event: collect forms from scouts and issue wrist bands for those who provided a signed permission slip.

Adam Selene

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OA W4N Conclave by Adam Selene is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.