Human Biological Justice

We are all temporal human beings. Everybody pees, Everybody poops. We have social conventions that it’s not okay to poop or pee in public. Generally we would prefer to use a lavatory.

As humans, sitting all the time isn’t good. We should do more walking. That’s what we are generally equipped for and should do. One child I know we’ll who spends most of his time sitting playing and working on the computer. He came down with a severe case of Pilonidal Cyst.

I enjoy walking.

While walking sometimes urgent biological needs arise. At Sequoia Park, Simi Valley there used to be lavatories. They were removed when the pool was removed. This is an injustice to us humans who do need to address our biological needs in dignity. It’s not just Sequoia Park. Everywhere in the USA where humans venture, it’s a public health and social need to establish some kind of facilities to address our biological needs in dignity and so as to not to pollute the environment. Even in places without infrastructure, a Clivus Multrum system could and should be installed.

While walking this weekend with my youngest son in Downtown Los Angeles, I could smell urine almost everywhere. Can we fix this please? There are plenty of engineering samples for urban as well as suburban public lavatories.

God Bless America

Peter Grace


War vs Diplomacy

It seems that our country’s leadership is getting us into another war.

I learned, likely from reading  Robert Heinlein, that War is a last resort after diplomacy fails.  How many young people have we lost to war on either side ?

My baby brother came down with ALS a few years after returning from Gulf War 1 and died 9 months later.  There’s a correlation between War and increased incidence of ALS. That’s in addition to the homelessness, alcoholism, PTSD, and difficulty readjusting to life away from the war zone.  There’s a long history of PTSD, particularly since WW2.  My family has members who fought in wars for our country since the Revolutionary War. I’m not a pacifist, but I hate the waste of resources we have been engaged in.

What’s the fully loaded cost of war to our nation ? Of course, many of military industrial complex do make money but, what could we do with that money if we didn’t spend it on war ?

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. (Mathew 5:9)

I postulate that if we spent 1/25th of the fully loaded cost of war on diplomacy, we’d have much more peace and less war.  Of course, there’s also a correlation with war and technological advancement but does war increase technological advancement or does technological advancement change the methods of war? Alex Roland wrote some on War and Technology and it makes me think that technological change changes the methods of war rather than encouraging technological innovation.

As I write this, the cost of wars we have been engaged in since 2001 is over $1.5 Trillion US.  National Priorities is keeping a running tab.  I believe that some of the money would have been better spent on diplomacy and on getting our species to other planets like Mars. Possibly we could look into the colonization of Ganymede.  I really enjoyed Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars series.

With the increase in Carbon in our atmosphere and other greenhouse gases, the cost to maintain human life may become untenable.  It’s time we worked to spread out into the universe.

Adam Selene
September 2014

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